Push America

Brothers helping build a ramp at Camp Spearhead


Pi Kappa Phi is the only national fraternity to have its own philanthropy, PUSH America. PUSH is dedicated to helping disabled children by working with the chapters of Pi Kappa Phi to raise money, participate in construction projects, and other charitable events

Building leaders of tomorrow by serving people with disabilities today

Push America’s integrity to its mission is exemplified in every program. Push America programs were created to educate and provide a quality hands-on service experience for members of Pi Kappa Phi while enhancing the lives of people with disabilities. Push America has the future in mind as many members of Pi Kappa Phi go on to be leaders in our communities, states, and country. Pi Kappa Phi members are serving on city disability committees, disability task forces within their companies, many undergraduates are changing their majors to special education, and others are more socially aware of disability issues.

Core Values-At the heart of our mission are the core values of Push America. Push America strives to exemplify these values on a daily basis through our mission and the programs we provide. Our core values are a part of everything we do and are the guiding principles of the organization.

Abilities – Push America believes in the abilities of all people. It is our goal to demonstrate to others the importance of seeing a person and their abilities before their disability.

Teamwork – Push America recognizes that together, everyone achieves more. All programs of Push America are team-oriented and the impact can be seen, not only in the people we support, but also in the leaders we continue to develop.

Empathy – Push America encourages empathy, rather than sympathy. We teach individuals to engage in conversation with people with disabilities just as they would with a friend. People with disabilities want to be treated just like everyone else and are not looking for people to feel sorry for them.

Integrity – Push America has a mission and realizes it is through honesty and responsibility of our work that we will continue to advance that mission. Our integrity and passion to our mission is what continually supports the development of leadership in the members of Pi Kappa Phi and improvements in the lives of people with disabilities.

ProgramsThe programs of Push America empower and motivate members of Pi Kappa Phi to get involved in improving the lives of people with disabilities as well as their own. These programs provide an excellent service experience where Pi Kappa Phi’s can see firsthand the impact they are making in the lives of people with disabilities.

Brothers on the Journey of Hope

Servant Leadership
Push America Academy – Members of Pi Kappa Phi attend leadership conferences where they are educated on disability topics and on how they can play an active role in improving the lives of people with disabilities in their communities.

Disability Awareness – Members of Pi Kappa Phi engage in a variety of events tailored to their campus to increase disability awareness. Ranging from wheelchair basketball to “Empathy Training Dinners” these opportunities not only provide educational opportunities simulating what it “might be like” to live with a disability, but create an open forum for issues faced by students with disabilities.

Volunteerism – Pi Kappa Phi chapters across the country are becoming more involved in their communities through volunteer relationships with local organizations supporting people with disabilities. Their understanding of people with disabilities is greatly increased through their volunteer relationships. There is also an opportunity for chapters to provide grant funding, through Push America, to the organization. This is another way for Pi Kappa Phi’s to see how their fund raising is directly impacting the lives of people with disabilities.

Fund raising – Pi Kappa Phi’s across the nation have collectively raised over $10 million in support of the various programs Push America offers. Chapters sponsor sporting events, raffles, disability speaking presentations, amongst many other eye-catching events on campus to further their fund-raising efforts.