Our Brotherhood

Brothers Dodd, Townsend, and Clinton Volunteering at Camp Spearhead

” A brotherhood of amazing men wholly different than existing fraternities”

From our 11th Chaplain, Joel Bloom:

Brotherhood is a concept that is not easily defined or understood. However, if anyone were to spend any amount of time around the men of Pi Kappa Phi’s Delta chapter, it would become apparent that Pi Kapps at Furman have a very intense bond that cannot be broken, and relationships with each other that can only be called brotherhood. These men share a bond that is more than just printed letters on a jersey. One of the most exciting part of being in this fraternity is to watch guys you previously did not know, become brothers who shape your college life and beyond.

Within Delta chapter, there are men who accomplish great things both on campus and in the community, and every man in this fraternity is a leader. These leaders when working together in the name of brotherhood can accomplish great things, whether it be with what they say, do, or the example they set for others. This behavior is a result of Pi Kapp’s desire to build better men. Men who when they leave Furman are prepared to be successful and have brothers who will continue to impact their lives even after college.

Pi Kappa Phi seeks to redefine fraternity, and Delta chapter is seeking to live this out with our commitment to brotherhood.